Monday, October 4, 2010

Grocery shopping on a budget: the 25 items I bought to get me through the week

Hi People!

Happy Monday. So I’ve been struggling with healthy eating on a budget. I’ve had a few weeks where I’ve literally been very close to zero on the bank account, so I’ve had to make do with minimal groceries, and whatever else my parents have in the fridge. (Thank the Lord I still live with them! Otherwise I’d be on an involuntary rapid weight loss plan…)

So anyway, my lovely blog partner Taj came all the way from Brooklyn to Jersey armed with her iPhone, with which she calculated all of my purchases, so that I wouldn’t go over my $60 limit.

The plan was to buy enough goods to last a week, and in order to make the best choices, we stuck to the periphery of the supermarket: the produce, meats and dairy sections, and only went into aisles for specific things I needed. Just note that I already had plenty of whole grain bread, eggs and low-fat cheese at home. So here’s what I bought:

1. Rice cakes

2. Pink salmon cups (like tuna cups)
3. Can of organic chick peas
4. Chicken Breast
5. 1.25 lbs Tilapia filet

6. Nectarines
7. Kale
8. Yams
9. Cauliflower
10. Sliced mushrooms
11. Baby arugula
12. Red cabbage
13. Spinach
14. Bag of Golden Delicious apples
15. An avocado
16. A lemon
17. Frozen broccoli in microwaveable steam bag
18. Frozen Asian medley veggie mix in microwaveable steam bag

19. 32 oz. container of Chobani 0% plain yogurt
20. ½ gallon Silk almond milk

21. Breakfast jam
22. Raisin bran Vitamuffin tops
23. Coconut milk
24. Tribe spicy hummus
25. 1 Amy’s black bean and vegetable burrito

These 25 items cost me a total $63.49. Not bad! And I don’t think I’ve ever had so many vegetables in my fridge before! I’ll check back with you again later this week to let you know how far my groceries stretch.

What’s on your grocery list?

Photo by malloreigh on Flickr.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Running!

Hey everyone,

Hope you are well. I can't believe in just a few days it will be October, that means cooler weather, sweaters, boots and great weather for running. Karina and I had our 1 year anniversary of running her first half marathon in Philadelphia September 20th.

We have officially started back on a running routine. :-) The both of us along with her good friend Angela, 2 of my clients and 1 of my coworkers are preparing for a Half Marathon 2011.

We are preparing for the Flushing Meadow half marathon on April 2, 2011. This will be Karina's second half marathon and the others first!

I have just recently started training these ladies on a running routine to prepare their virgin legs to the idea of keeping them moving for 13.1 miles. :-) Just like Karina I am confident each of them will be fine and can totally make this run happen in good time.

Monday me and 2 others ran for 3.5 miles. We did a little interval training on the treadmill. Since we are preparing way in advance this gives you all an opportunity to join us :-)

If you've ever thought about running now is your chance! We'd love to have a large group run with us in April. If you don't live in the NYC area don't be shy look for a race in your area.

I thought you might like doing what we did tonight so here you go:

3 min warm up walking on 1% incline.
At 3 min Run at comfortable speed until 1 mile
Increase the incline to 2% do your best to keep the same pace
At mile 2 increase speed.
Increase speed at mile 2.5 to as fast as you can go, decrease incline back to 1%
Run until 3 miles at this speed
Return to comfortable pace at mile 3 raise the incline back to 2%
Run until 3.5 miles
Return to 1% incline and begin cool down
Walk for 5 min

Congrats and Enjoy!

More running routines to come. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @tajlivingwell

Log onto my Blog TajBodyandSoul to get more info on the Living Well Yoga Retreat.


Photo provided by Fe IIya's on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 days, 8 workouts, an award, and a few benefits of exercise…

Hi guys!

Sorry for the long hiatus. My internet has been kaputz for the last couple of days (the DSL people are supposedly working hard to fix it—I hope so!) but I’m sitting at cafĂ© right now…and I have so much to tell you!

First off, faithful KWO reader Jennifer has nominated this blog for a versatile blogging award. She won it last week and passed on the love. Thank you Jenn! Be sure to check out her blog about weight loss.

I am proud to say that from last Saturday up until yesterday, (10 days) I have worked out (8 times)!

That is an amazing feat, especially given that my motivation in the last few months has been lacking.

Here’s what I did:

Sat: Run (2.5 miles)
Sun: Rest
Monday: 30-min strength training routine at home
Tuesday: Run (1.5- ish miles)
Wednesday: Virgin yoga at Crunch
Thurs: I walked for 45 mins!
Fri: Rest
Saturday: Run (2.75 miles)
Sunday: This CRAZY Amy Dixon/Women’s Health Total Body Toning routine with my homegirl, Angela. My shoulder blades are STILL burning, 48 hrs later! (You can download the PDF for the routine here)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Exercise TV On Demand basic yoga video + an 11-minute Pilates workout for the legs

I feel great! My endurance and stamina seem to have quadrupled since I got serious about my exercise routine again a couple of months ago. And I have lots more energy. That is without a doubt a benefit of working out consistently.

And last week I took my second ever yoga class at Crunch. It was fabulous and challenging all at once!

I am also seeing some slight (but super-confidence-boosting!) improvements to my physique, but will tell you more about that tomorrow!

The point is--Working out pays off.

Studies show that regular exercise not only helps you manage your weight, but also improves your mood, prevents chronic diseases and improves your sex life, among other things.

I guess for me, it feels wonderful to consistently invest in my personal health. And, best of all, after getting a crazy hard workout or run out of the way, I feel like I can take on the world!
How about you? What’s your exercise schedule for the week looking like? And what is greatest benefit you reap from exercise?

*Photo by DrJimiGlide on Flickr.